Many new various African Army camo patterns coming in soon

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Bhoputatswana , Ciskei, and Transkei region were semi-autonomous regions
in South Africa until the end of Apartide. After the end of apartide the
Bhoputatswana , Ciskei and Transkei Defense Forces were
integrated into the new South African armed forces.

Bhoputatswana Defence Force camo long sleeve shirts.New.
Size Med, Lg, $39.95
bdfssss.jpg (6687 bytes) BDF11.Bhoputatswana Defence Force camo short sleeve shirts.
Similar to British DPM camo.
New. Size Med, Lg. $29.95

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BDF9.Bhoputatswana Defence Force camo Trousers.New.
Waist (34,36,38,40,42) 

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TR1.Transkei camouflage bush hats.Size 55, 56.Unissued. $20.00

trans-jacket-s.jpg (7209 bytes)

TR2.Transkei camo combat jackets.New.Size small,medium,large.$39.95

trans-sl-shirt-s.jpg (7431 bytes)

TR3.Transkei long sleeve camouflage shirts.Unissued.Size medium,
large,extra large. $29.95

trans-pants-s.jpg (7593 bytes)

TR4.Transkei camo Combat pants (New)Waist (34,36,38,40,42,44)$39.95
trans-coverall-s.jpg (7794 bytes) 5.Transkei Coveralls (New)  Lg $69.95

ciskei-jacket-s.jpg (6861 bytes)

1.Ciskei Combat Jackets (New) Med, Lg, XLg $39.95

ciskei-shirt-s.jpg (6707 bytes)

2.Ciskei short sleeved camo shirts (New)Lg, XLg  $29.95

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for the new shipment in January. The new shipment will be manufactured
on rollers exactly like the originals and will not be screen printed like the current stock.
We will have Pants, shorts,T-Shirts,short sleeve shirts,long sleeve shirts,flap caps
boonie hats,coveralls, and bush jackets in the new stock. These will be sized
and labeled exactly like the originals so it will be impossible to tell them apart
from the originals.

rhoboonies.jpg (4941 bytes)

RRH05.Reproduction Rhodesian camouflage boonie hats.
(copy of Transkei boonie). Available in size 56. $14.95 REDUCED PRICE

rho-bush-jacket-s.jpg (7071 bytes)

RRH04.Reproduction Rhodesian camouflage Bush jackets. 2 upper slant
patch pockets, 2 lower patch pockets, 4 pen pocket on left sleeve,
re-enforced elbows. Available up to size 56" chest. $59.95 REDUCED PRICE


rhoshirt1s.jpg (3131 bytes)

ORH1.Rhodesian green shirt with rank stripes on sleeve. SOLD


rhodesian-flag-s.jpg (2568 bytes)

F67.Rhodesian flags. 3 x 5. $15.00


rb5s.jpg (3676 bytes)

RB5.Reproduction Rhodesian Headquarters Central African
Command shoulder patch, 3 spears on red square. $12.95

rb7s.jpg (3664 bytes)

RB7.Reproduction Rhodesian Army 2 Brigade arm patch, embroidered,
white rhino on green. $12.95

rb8s.jpg (3516 bytes)

RB8.Reproduction Rhodesian Army 3 Brigade arm patch, embroidered,
black and white water buffalo on brown. $12.95

rb10s.jpg (3864 bytes)

RB10. Reproduction Rhodesian Army patch, white lion and tusk
over pick, worn by H.Q., S.A.S. and Selous Scouts on left arm,
embroidered. $12.95

rb6s.jpg (3756 bytes)

RB6.Reproduction Rhodesian para wings with velco backing. $12.95

rb3s.jpg (3076 bytes)

RB3.Reproduction Rhodesian "ARMY" breast patch for
camouflage uniform.$5.00

rb11s.jpg (3920 bytes)

RB11.Reproduction Rhodesian Army Army rank badge for camouflage
uniform.3 chevrons with white lion and tusk over pick. Sergeant. $12.95

rb4s.jpg (3092 bytes)

RB4.Reproduction Rhodesian army chevron for
camouflage uniform.$5.00

rb9s.jpg (3200 bytes)

RB9.Reproduction Rhodesian Army camouflage rank badge,
Corporal. $5.95

rb1s.jpg (3448 bytes)

RB1.Reproduction Rhodesian SELOUS SCOUTS para wings. SOLD OUT

rb2s.jpg (3664 bytes)

RB2.Reproduction Rhodesian selous scouts badge. $14.95

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